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Monday, November 14, 2011

When Classifieds Go Wrong

Here's a classified ad in our local paper. They left out some important information, so we can only hope that it's not some secret futuristic ad for something a little surreptitious. Our writing group used classified ads as a prompt and here is my story to go with the ad:

SMALL BLK/WHT GIRL MIX SHOTS $75 (850)xxx-xxxx

Lily and George looked at the ads for the seventeenth Sunday in a row, hoping to find the right addition to their second floor stucco apartment.
"Double check the directions, ok George?" Lily asked. They had looked up driving directions to meet breeders before, only to find themselves pointed the wrong way along one-way streets.
Earlier, the search for the perfect match brought anticipation and excitement each time they backed out of the driveway, but as they returned home empty-handed, it was becoming a source of disappointment. Still, they would look.
They never cared to find a pure bred. Lily preferred a light haired female because they weren't as surly as males, and at least if they shed the hair wouldn't be as noticable. Color and gender never mattered much to George, so long as they found the right temperment.
"This is it I guess," said George when they pulled through the gravel driveway, the stones crunching under the tires. "Cross your fingers that she's the one!" They linked pinkies.
The breeders stood in the threshold, welcoming George and Lily.
"There's just one left, but she's got really nice coloring. She's a little smaller than the others, but gentle and sweet," offered the woman, who was white. The man held the girl's hand, smiling.
It was clear to see that the girl's caramel complexion was a perfect blend of the two.
"Take your time," said the man, "Get to know her. It's a big decision."

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